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the most unrecognizable shape

What is the most unfamiliar shape to exist? By unfamiliar I mean “without association” or most evasive of all potential associations. I suppose this would have to be subjective phenomena but perhaps many could agree on the jist of the weirdest shape or volume. I’ve tried to build some oddly shaped polygon frames, but for the most part, when I look at them I see various sort-of shapes, like sort of a harp, or sort of a coffin, or a shard of glass.  It seems regular for the mind to make relations like these, such as with finding shapes in clouds. But I wonder if there is a shape or material which actively evades the association processes.

It seems easier to find this shape virtually, using software. The act of building something adds the extra associations of the materials used. For example, wood —>coffin, or  white cloth —> ghost costume, or string—> harp, glass—>shard.